Monday, November 29, 2010

Reserve: Alice and the Pirates x Kuragehime

Apparently it's been up for reservation for a couple days already, so I'm lagging a bit behind, but it still deserves a post: the new AatP x Kuragehime designs!
AatP is one of my favorite brands and Kuragehime is one of my favorite anime (seriously, if you didn't see it yet, watch it! It's awesome!), so when I saw the banner I obviously got very excited.
And the designs didn't disappoint, at all! 

My guess is that the first dress is jellyfish inspired, and it looks absolutely beautiful! I also really like the polkadot dress, though I'm not sure about the color. It would be great if it would come in black x white, or white x black.
My favorite however, is this dress. I'm a huge fan of stripes so this is absolutely perfect!

And then we have these lovely two outfits, I'm not sure if the first one is a skirt or really puffy pants, but they're still something I would definitely wear!

So if you want to see more pictures, or make a reservation, you can go here: link

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wishlist: Antique Beast

My wishlist mostly consists of things that I would buy if I had too much money that I could spend on whatever I'd like! This wishlist is of one of my favorite brands: Antique Beast.
I don't own anything of them, but I really like their designs and I would definitely love to get my greedy little hands on a few of their pieces!


I love the designs of these two dresses, they seem like they would be perfect for ero-lolita,
yet still very elegant. My favorite details are the square necklines and the sleeves.



 I love chokers, especially if the style is like the top 2 ones, there's something very elegant about them and are a great touch to any gothic (inspired) outfit.


Probably the best thing about Antique Beast is their headwear! They have some very unique designs that you rarely see with other brands. Something like this can really make an outfit, and let's be honest, you can never have enough stuff to put in your hair or on your head!
My favorite is the last item, I love anything that has to do with feathers, and it's just so beautiful that if I'm ever going to by something from them, it's probably going to be my first purchase!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Inspiration: Doll hand necklace

Yesterday I found this picture of, what I believe is a doll hand necklace, on 4chan.
I find the idea amazing, very creepy so perfect for a guro or gothic outfit, with or without blood and it's very easy to do it yourself! I'm sure everyone still has an old doll on their or their parent's attic they can chop up, add some paint and a nice pearl chain, et voila! You have your own creepy doll hand necklace!

I'll have to try this out myself as soon as possible!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taobao Picks: Gothic

Every once in a while I will make a post with my Taobao picks, it highlights beautiful new items, older releases that deserve some love, or maybe my favorite: themes!

Today I picked out Gothic as the theme - bat inspired items are underrated!

Satin is usually a huge no-no in Lolita, however this gorgeous Mille Fleurs replica makes it work.
The bows are detachable and the dress comes in blue and red!

Maybe a bit too lacy for most people, and I'm not sure if the quality of the lace is that great, 
but it's great in combination with the satin JSK.

If the previous blouse is a bit too impressive for you, this blouse by Dollscrops might be a good alternative! 

It might be weird putting this dress on the list, because you can see a picture of me wearing it on Surface Spell's front page, but it definitely deserves some love!
This Antique Beast replica has many beautiful details that don't show up on their pictures and makes for a great summery gothic JSK!

This beautiful, I believe MoitiƩ replica, can be ordered in different colors, and it's a great touch to any elegant gothic coordination.

I love the big buckles, the rows of buttons and the bat inspired end of the skirt.
Definitely very gothic!

I personally love wearing chiffon blouses, they're light to wear and very easy to move in.
This sleek and elegant blouse is great for wearing with a JSK, and because of it's rather simple design it would also look great in classic outfits.

Even though bloomers often go unseen, I see no reason why you shouldn't goth them up too!

You can't get more gothic than this, a bat inspired cape to go with the bat bloomers,
things might get too pointy if you pair it with the R-Series skirt though, so don't get too batty! 

I hope you enjoyed the gothic picks, and if you have found some interesting or beautiful gothic pieces on Taobao, feel free to share them in the comments!


Oh no, she has another blog! Well.. yeah!
Next to my work oriented blog Assorted Chokelates, I wanted a lolita oriented blog too.

I really have to thank my mom for making the beautiful layout of my blog, you're awesome mom! 

Here I will blog about new releases, new purchases, things that look awesome, things that will look less awesome and generally make a lot of picture posts. Maybe I can even make some tutorials!
As long as it's lolita related, I will talk about it here :)
If you have some suggestions about what you would like to see on this blog, just let me know,
I'm always open for new ideas!

So a quick introduction for the people that don't know me yet:

I'm known as Chokelate, my real name is Nina and I'm a 20 year old lazy girl from The Netherlands.

For a living I work as a professional clothing hanger and because of that I travel quite frequently!
So if I'm ever in your area and you want to hang out, just let me know and I'll see if I can take some time off :)

I got interested in lolita about 2 years ago, and I have to admit that I still don't have a proper petticoat or the have all the basics like a white blouse. Maybe one day I will follow the rules, but for now it's more important to just enjoy the clothes and feel good about what I'm wearing. Maybe it's a little plain and there's definitely room for improvement, but I will get there eventually :)
Oh god, I really shouldn't be giving advice to other people then....

So, I hope you will enjoy my blog!