Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wishlist: Antique Beast

My wishlist mostly consists of things that I would buy if I had too much money that I could spend on whatever I'd like! This wishlist is of one of my favorite brands: Antique Beast.
I don't own anything of them, but I really like their designs and I would definitely love to get my greedy little hands on a few of their pieces!


I love the designs of these two dresses, they seem like they would be perfect for ero-lolita,
yet still very elegant. My favorite details are the square necklines and the sleeves.



 I love chokers, especially if the style is like the top 2 ones, there's something very elegant about them and are a great touch to any gothic (inspired) outfit.


Probably the best thing about Antique Beast is their headwear! They have some very unique designs that you rarely see with other brands. Something like this can really make an outfit, and let's be honest, you can never have enough stuff to put in your hair or on your head!
My favorite is the last item, I love anything that has to do with feathers, and it's just so beautiful that if I'm ever going to by something from them, it's probably going to be my first purchase!


  1. Unf, the corset with a train. I wish someone would wear an ero-loli outfit with a massive full train, garters and stockings <3

  2. Me too! I would love to see something like that <3
    I want to do something with a corset skirt and a long train, but where to get a corset skirt that isn't atelier pierrot and doesn't cost 120 euro :P

  3. That ivory dress is stunning *_* I wish classic/ero styles got more attention sometimes! Stuff like this is often looked over and it's such a shame :(

  4. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,